About S.O.S. Private Security Company

Next to God, there is no greater protector

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Next to God, there is no greater protector

Your safety and security are essential. You can’t afford to take chances in a world of ever-evolving risks. You need scalable protection services from experienced hands—let us be your sword and shield!

Get to Know Us

S.O.S. Private Security anticipates all your security needs so you can carry on with absolute peace of mind. Our team is adept at handling tense situations, and they can blend seamlessly into the background. As a result, you can focus on your business.

We understand the intricacies of operating within Chicago and the surrounding areas. Our satisfied customers can attest to how we meet even the most complex challenges. We can help you—we put a premium on client satisfaction.

We go beyond security.

For when your security needs exceed the capabilities of traditional “guard companies.” Our approach offers innovative solutions, expert advice, excellent customer service, integrity, the most qualified team members, and vigilance in all assignments.


Our Approach

Our military expertise allows us to act as your security partner to design a solution right for your needs. We work with clients within their budgets and uniquely provide any information requested pertaining to team members assigned to deter and protect their assets.


Let our team of experts guide you towards the appropriate solution to fit your needs. We are deeply committed to protecting your assets and bring creative solutions to ensure success.

Not every situation calls for a show of force.

Our customizable approach and expertise allow us to be the message you need for the situation. We are there to set the tone you are looking for and match the style of the situation. Whether we are blending into a crowd, professionally concealed, or in full tactical attire, our mission never wavers. Let us build you a perfect team and create the plans we hope to never have to execute.

We have the power

Our incredible team is more than capable to handle any situation thrown at them. We are always striving to avoid situations, however when the indeed arises we are capable of XYZ. Have the right to detain, cuff, and use gas canisters when necessary. Our team is expertly trained on the porper show of force.




Our clients have our devoted loyalty and full commitment to safety. Our expertise is focused on one mission: You.


We create order in every situation no matter the circumstances. We have trained, prepared, and planned for every possible scenario and are the leaders you need to avoid a crisis.


We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards that ensure your experience is exemplary. Professionalism shows up in how we approach our work, our expertise, and our composure.


Confidence comes from knowing your safety and security is ensured. We earn your confidence not just in our experience, but in every interaction.

Redefining security standards

The S.O.S. Private Security team is your one-stop paramilitary resource. We recruit only the most elite trained professionals for the Job. Therefore, you can expect us to handle all your security concerns with the expertise, experience, and professional decorum it deserves.

Security services

Here is a selection of personal security and asset protection services we offer:

  • Uniformed Security
  • Event Security
  • Tactical security
  • Transportation Security
  • Community Security
  • Facility Protection
  • Asset & Building Security
  • Retail Security
  • Armed Security
  • Fire Guard Watch
  • Concierge Services
  • Mobile Patrol
  • Venue Protection
  • Commercial Security
  • Emergency Security Services
  • Domestic and international engagements
  • Rapid response
  • Task force extraction teams
  • Executive protection services
  • Investigations
  • Operative surveillance
  • Risk assessments
  • Undercover assignments
  • Reconnaissance missions

We commit to securing our customers, businesses, and lifestyles at S.O.S. Private Security. Contact one of our representatives today to set up a personalized security plan – So you can rest at ease as you work or enjoy your life.


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