The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.
- Douglas MacArthur
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The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war.
- Douglas MacArthur

S.O.S. Private Security offers only the highest caliber of officer because your protection is our business. They are highly trained for every situation and are seasoned experts with a toolkit and experience you would not believe. We will work with you to put together the right team to meet your needs, appearance, and message you need to send for your security situation.

Our team member requiremts :

Pass a physical fitness test (Combination of federal police agencies and military)

Licensed through the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation

Score a minimum of 95% on both the written and shooting aspects of the State of Illinois approved training course for shotgun, rifle, revolver and semi automatic authorized weaponry.

In addition, the vast majority of S.O.S. Private Security officers have expertise above and beyond including:

United States Military Veterans

Sworn Peace Officers

Licensed Paramedic and Firefighters

Teams Awards

  • arrowPurple Heart
  • arrowCombat Action Medal
  • arrowBronze Star
  • arrowArmy Commendation Medal
  • arrowJoint Service Achievement Medal
  • arrowLegion of Merit Medal
  • arrowArmy Achievement Medal


Robert J. Orseske, Jr.

Robert J. Orseske, Jr. has held the position of Chief Executive Officer since the inception of S.O.S. Private Security in 2016. Robert has directed the exponential annual expansion of S.O.S. Private Security while cultivating his knowledge and expertise in life safety and security operations. Prior to the retirement of the previous licensee in charge of S.O.S. Private Security, Robert obtained his Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation Private Security Contractor License. In addition to his position of Chief Executive Officer, Robert converted to the current licensee in charge of S.O.S. Private Security in 2021. Robert attended the University of Illinois at Chicago; being conferred Summa Cum Laude and at the top 5% of the collegiate nation in 2004. Robert was a member of many honorary societies, most notably Phi Kappa Phi, Golden Key International Honor Society, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and the Outstanding Honor Society. Robert earned the privilege to serve the public community by being awarded prestigious internship positions under elected officials holding office in the legislative and executive branches of both the State of Illinois’ and the United States of America’s governing agencies. During his tenure serving the public community, Robert was awarded the honorable invitation to represent the United States of America as an emissary in an eight-week International Mission of Diplomacy. Robert’s professional career began as a Junior Accountant where, within 6 years, he quickly ascended the ranks of the corporate ladder; holding positions such as Senior Accountant, Resource and Policy Analyst, Corporate Controller, Vice President of Accounting and Director of Accounting. Robert held these positions for both private and publicly traded firms. Robert’s experience provides an advanced professional decorum and compliance assurance while providing security operations in protecting your assets and personnel. His educational and professional financial background will ensure that security operations will not exceed clients’ annualized budget while providing superior security services.


Christopher D. Favale

Christopher D. Favale, a United States Military Veteran, joined S.O.S. Private Security in 2018. Christopher’s expertise and demonstrated professional decorum quickly ascended him to the role of Chief Operating Officer in 2021. During his time with the United States Army, Christopher perfected his skills which resulted in numerous awards and meritorious promotions; including a meritorious invitation to become a member of the 75th Ranger Regiment. Christopher successfully completed the rigorous physical and psychological Ranger Assessment and Selection Process, obtaining expertise training in specialized missions; including air assault training, airfield seizure, land navigation operations, special operations raids, special reconnaissance, forcible entry operations, direct action raids on select targets and individuals, combat medical response and evacuation, first responder retrieving and stabilizing casualties, and proper techniques for entering urban enclosures including setting and denotating explosives to breach doors. Due to injuries sustained, Christopher was prematurely honorably discharged from United States Army. While receiving advanced regimental marksmanship and tactics of direct-action combat, Christopher demonstrated a distinct natural skill of weaponry by mastering weapons handling courses; including zero rifle with optics, move and shoot, body position, and rifle to pistol transitions. Subsequent his time in service, Christopher graduated at the top of his class during Law Enforcement Instructor Development School, becoming an Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation Firearms Instructor while simultaneously holding a State of Illinois Conceal Carry Instructor license. Christopher looks forward to using his expertise and experience to ensure the safety and protection of your assets and personnel.

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